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Rosie Wendell believes in the Hardee County community. That’s why she’s dedicated her whole life to serving you.


Rosie says, "If the need is there, I will be there."

This has been Rosie's long standing motto. She has a dedication to serve the people of Hardee county. That dedication to serve, has led her to place her trust in you, the citizens of Hardee County, to elect her as your next Sheriff. With your help and support she is confident that she can make a positive change in the Hardee County Sheriff's Office, as Sheriff. 


Working with the Hardee County Sheriff's office has never been just a job to Rosie, it has always been her passion and where she wants to be. 


Moving from the jail to patrol fulfilled her long cherished dream to serve her community.  Rosie has earned respect along her journey, in the community as well as with her coworkers. Now she has a bigger dream to fulfill, becoming your next Sheriff.

The challenges that Rosie has faced along her journey has given her the tools to become a devoted leader. She is dedicated to making a difference in the community. Your vote will ensure that her dedication and service will continue as Hardee County's next Sheriff. 

Rosie Wendell began her career, in 1990, as a corrections officer and became a Sergeant of the jail, before transferring to law enforcement (patrol) in 1992.


There are several “firsts” for Hardee County in Rosie’s history, including the first female Sergeant in the patrol unit, first female K9 Handler in 1996, and the first female Lieutenant over patrol in 2002. 


 As the leader over the patrol unit, Rosie supervised all uniformed officers. She worked tirelessly to ensure that the Sheriff’s Office ran smoothly and kept Hardee County residents safe and secure.

Along with leading the patrol unit, Rosie was also tasked with providing law enforcement assistance during special community events, such as Pioneer Park Days, graduations, football games, parades, and many others. If there was a law enforcement involvement, Rosie was coordinating with organizers to provide whatever services were requested.

In 2017, Rosie was transferred from her leadership role over patrol to head fleet management. 


Even during difficult times, Rosie’s leadership brought strength to her team and the community.


For example, Rosie supervised over 200 people throughout the response to Hurricane Charley in 2004. It was then that many Hardee County residents saw how serious Rosie is about her often-said promise:


“If you call, I will come.”


That commitment to showing up for Hardee County’s citizens is what called Rosie to enter the running for Sheriff. She is asking for your vote, because she believes every resident of Hardee County deserves to feel safe.


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